Enter the dragon….sprite……

Mac/ December 17, 2017/ Kids Gaming/ 1 comments

I first learnt about Scratch at school, it is a programming language  were you code and make projects using a  graphical  interface. It teaches me the logic of programming, or at least that is what dad says.  What I really enjoy about it, is all the fun things that you can make, and all of the varieties of sprites that you can use.

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Playing nicely in the Sandbox

Cyberhawk117/ August 9, 2017/ Kids Gaming, Mobile Gaming/ 0 comments

When the kids every born, I decided expose them to technology as early as possible. To have them use it day to day and understand that its an everyday part of life, which can be used for education and entertainment; a tool, rather than a privilege. This obviously had, and continues to have its own challenges and requires a patient

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Building a Better World…One Brick at a Time.

Admin/ March 27, 2017/ Console Gaming, Kids Gaming/ 0 comments

I love Lego games…more accurately, I love the idea of lego games, as do Pinky Pie (8) and Groot (5) . Groot’s barely contained excitement and antipation as the game installs, has him bouncing off things and firing off questions about who he can play as and what he has to do, at a rate that often makes me wonder if he is breathing through gills.

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When big brands make love: Lego Star Wars and ‘The Force Awakens’

Randyte/ February 4, 2016/ Console Gaming, Desktop Gaming, Kids Gaming/ 0 comments

The marketing department assigned to Star Wars is probably as large as The First Order, and merchandise is a big part of Disney’s plan for galactic domination. So  it’s no real surprise we have a new Lego Star Wars game to go with the latest movie. Most serious Star Wars fans by now will have seen ‘The Force Awakens’. By

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A Brave New World.

Cyberhawk117/ December 30, 2015/ Kids Gaming/ 0 comments

Daughter (Aka. Pinky Pie….Age 6.): “What game is that Dad  ?” Son (Aka. Groot..Age 3): “Who is that that guy…what he do ?” Pinky Pie: “Did you just shoot those people ?” Groot: “Are they people or robots ?” Both: “Can I have a turn ?” ME: “It’s called Destiny…he’s a guardian….yes I did shoot them….their aliens….no you can’t, this

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