Playing nicely in the Sandbox

Cyberhawk117/ August 9, 2017/ Kids Gaming, Mobile Gaming/ 0 comments

When the kids every born, I decided expose them to technology as early as possible. To have them use it day to day and understand that its an everyday part of life, which can be used for education and entertainment; a tool, rather than a privilege. This obviously had, and continues to have its own challenges and requires a patient

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Walking War Robots: Surviving Day One

Randyte/ November 17, 2015/ Mobile Gaming/ 0 comments

 There’s some experiences you never forget. Like the first time you strap yourself in to sixty tonnes of stomping steel battlemech and stride through a war town landscape with rocket fire ringing in your ears. My first serious ‘mech’ experience was an arcade based game at Timezone, back in the 90s. After a lengthy wait in line with another dozen

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