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My formative teenage years occurred at about the time personal computers where starting to become a affordable consumer product in Australia. By PC  I mean Commodore 64’s, Amiga, and my very first PC, the AMSTRAD 1512. This 8086 Intel processor system used dual 5.25″ floppy disks and had a staggering 512kb of RAM. While my contemporaries were playing football and getting drunk in the local park, I was playing Wizball, Hero’s of the Lance, and DamBusters. I am of the generation that grew up along side technology, so a love of gaming and technology have been part of my psyche since I can remember. My time at University corresponded with the Internet’s early development into the entity we now all associate with, and rarely cope without, this exposed me to a new type of gaming, called “Online”..such as it was  in those days.

These days I am a Responsible Adult, I work in the Information Technology space, mainly in the infrastructure and security (I was once told by a university professor that a career as a programmer was not in my future.) I have children who are of a generation that probably won’t understand that there was a time before mobile devices, social media and WiFi.

After a long break from gaming, I recently decided to return that world. At around the same time my children started to develop an interest in both mobile device and console gaming, and I found myself struggling to deal with an influx questions and requests to play various games. This was really the catalyst for this site, to write about my experiences as a gamer, geek, and parent while I try to navigate this world.  This site will contain reviews on gaming on various platforms, gadgets to enhance the gaming experience and other technology, as well as table top gaming, from various people. One of my intentions for the site, is to write about the journey I take with my children as they become gamers in their own right, and all the things which I learn along the way. Who knows…someone else out there, on the world wide web might find it entertaining, enlightening or even useful….who knows, stranger things have happened.



As a child of the 80s/90s, my early gaming experiences where mostly on PCs. Like many gamers my age, my introduction to multiplayer gaming was at university, where I covertly played networked Doom and Quake on the college computers, along with RTS games like Command and Conquer. When I moved off campus, I purchased my first console (Playstation One) and games like Gran Turismo and Shane Warne Cricket became favourites.

After several years away from gaming in my late twenties and early thirties, a few things happened that saw me return to the gaming fold.

  • Jetite – A millennial, Jetite has grown up with screens and electronic devices. That includes playing games across tablets, desktops and consoles, as well as more offline games like chess, Risk and Monopoly.
  • The iPad – At last I could easily play good quality games on the commute to work, on a device that let me do more than just play games.
  • XBox Kinect – The ability to have ‘active’ games was the tipping point for our family getting an Xbox 360.It’s what set Jetite and I down the path of console gaming.

Gaming with Jetite is one of our shared passions, even if we aren’t always passionate about the same games.

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