A Brave New World.

Cyberhawk117/ December 30, 2015/ Kids Gaming/ 0 comments

Daughter (Aka. Pinky Pie….Age 6.): “What game is that Dad  ?” Son (Aka. Groot..Age 3): “Who is that that guy…what he do ?” Pinky Pie: “Did you just shoot those people ?” Groot: “Are they people or robots ?” Both: “Can I have a turn ?” ME: “It’s called Destiny…he’s a guardian….yes I did shoot them….their aliens….no you can’t, this

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Star Wars Battlefront: Nothing like the stomp of an AT-AT

Randyte/ December 9, 2015/ Console Gaming, Desktop Gaming, PC Gaming/ 0 comments

   If you’re a fan of the Star Wars universe, you’ll want to check out the eye candy that is the latest Star Wars:Battlefront game. This week I finally succumbed and bought myself an XBox One. The decision to upgrade was primarily motivated by the desire to play the latest version of Star Wars Battlefront, but other titles like Forza

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