Enter the dragon….sprite……

I first learnt about Scratch at school, it is a programming language  were you code and make projects using a  graphical  interface. It teaches me the logic of programming, or at least that is what dad says.

 What I really enjoy about it, is all the fun things that you can make, and all of the varieties of sprites that you can use.

 I have a scratch app on my laptop, but you can also use a website*. Dad bought me a book, called “Computer coding for kids”**. It teaches me how to code in scratch and  python,  and how the insides of computers work.

My most recent project is called “Escape the dragon”. In it, you program a cat sprite to follow the cursor, as the dragon chases the cat,  I think it is a fun game.

It was hard to make because the timer which records how long you are alive for, was very tricky to program in. I still enjoyed making it, and am working on my next project in the book.

*1st dad note: a good website  for programming in scratch which provides the applet and plenty of great examples and exercises, is the MIT website dedicated to scratch programming: https://sratch.mit.edu

** 2nd dad note:The book, mac is referring to, is published by DK LTD.  https://www.dk.com/uk/9781409347019-computer-coding-for-kids and its available from most good online book stores.

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