The Raging 20’s

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2020….. well …..we are on day 13 as I write this…and frankly, its already been a bit of a shit show. The Australian bushfire crisis has been a disaster that  has impacted the lives of many of my fellow Australian both directly and indirectly and I hope has been a wake up call to the world. Add that to the impeachment

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My earliest memory of Star Trek was sitting on the cold linoleum floor of a family friends farmhouse, nestled amongst acres and acres of tall lush green sugar cane, in regional central Queensland. This was in the early ’80s and I think I would have been 7 or 8,  We had 2 channels, the national public broadcaster, and the local

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CCNA CyberOps, is it any good ?

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  I haven’t been writing much lately, which isn’t a good thing when your trying to build a following, so I thought I’d actually write about one of the things which is taking up a great deal of my spare time at the moment, the Cisco CCNA CyberOps training. Cyber Security is becoming of critical importance  for governments and private

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And now for something completely different…..

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Like a lot of people around the world, I have been become a little obsessed with American politics, with the rise of the then candidate Trump on wave of nationalism and populism, through the republican primaries and on to the general election, waiting his campaign to run off the rails…for him to utter that one lie, make that one gaff

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