Mass Effect 10 Years On

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This franchise has always been on of my favourite series, and the 7th of Nov was N7 day, to celebrate BioWare released this video celebrating the 10th anniversary of the series…Enjoy….

Back in Time – Assassins Creed:Origins

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It’s been 10 years since the first Assassins Creed title hit the shelves, and blew the mind of a whole generation of gamers. An action adventure series which has gone on to spawn 20 different games, as well as books, merchandise and in this authors opinion, one pretty ordinary movie, (Michael Fassbender notwithstanding); there even are rumours of a Netflix

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Guten Morgen Herr Blazkowicz

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Bethesda’s sequel to the rebooted Wolfenstein franchise comes at a time when the political climate in the U.S. means that the extreme right has a much more visible presence than they have in many decades.  So I wonder if MachineGames who started developing this title in 2014, look at the current state of U.S. politics and scratch their heads in

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Open the pod bay doors

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I am a total podcast junkie, politics, social issues, science and tech and comedy, history, culture, If you’ve recorded it, I’ll listen to it. (Not Hannity or Info Wars… I tried, I’m sorry…NO ! ) What is a podcast?  if you’re a millennial or younger you can probably scroll past this bit, but

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And now for something completely different…..

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Like a lot of people around the world, I have been become a little obsessed with American politics, with the rise of the then candidate Trump on wave of nationalism and populism, through the republican primaries and on to the general election, waiting his campaign to run off the rails…for him to utter that one lie, make that one gaff

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Eyes Up Guardian !

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  I have a love/hate relationship with the original Destiny. Bungie’s first offering after parting of the ways with Microsoft and the incredibility successful Halo franchise was filled with so much promise and excitement. At the time rumours circulated that the game had a budget of approximately $500 million, a claim Bungie has since refuted.… It had a star studded

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Playing nicely in the Sandbox

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When the kids every born, I decided expose them to technology as early as possible. To have them use it day to day and understand that its an everyday part of life, which can be used for education and entertainment; a tool, rather than a privilege. This obviously had, and continues to have its own challenges and requires a patient

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Building a Better World…One Brick at a Time.

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I love Lego games…more accurately, I love the idea of lego games, as do Pinky Pie (8) and Groot (5) . Groot’s barely contained excitement and antipation as the game installs, has him bouncing off things and firing off questions about who he can play as and what he has to do, at a rate that often makes me wonder if he is breathing through gills.

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Rogue One tie-in for Star Wars Battlefront?

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Over the weekend, I took a look at the new trailer for Star Wars:Rogue One, and it looks great. Star Wars is a well worn universe, which comes with its own set of tropes. With that in mind, I’m willing to tolerate a certain amount of cliches in order for it to feel like a Star Wars movie. Of course

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