The Raging 20’s

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2020….. well …..we are on day 13 as I write this…and frankly, its already been a bit of a shit show. The Australian bushfire crisis has been a disaster that  has impacted the lives of many of my fellow Australian both directly and indirectly and I hope has been a wake up call to the world. Add that to the impeachment of trump, the tensions in the Middle East, caused by the said  same presidential Cheeto, and the tribal warfare that these, and so many other issues tend to provoke these days. It seems like maintaining a positive focus will be harder to achieve than ever.  Seeing as it’s the 20’s again I’m hoping for lots of bath tub gin, Lots of great new jazz and much fewer nazi’s this time around.

Sure it’s sterile….its booze ain’t it ?

2019 saw me write fewer posts than I had hoped. I didn’t really achieve the goals I had set for I had started out with the intention of writing about the perils of being a parent gamer, as always, time was the enemy I could not out pace. 2020 see’s me with no more time, but a plan to try and make I write on a more consistent schedule, And there will be a lot to write about and hopefully discuss with all of you.

There will be lots of content to play, watch, read, listen to, and write about this year, but this year I also want to write about technology, I will be discuss things like machine learning, cloud, and any other fantastical technologies I encounter. Basically I resolve to write about anything that I think might be, if not entertaining at least thought provoking, even if that thought is “he’s terrible”…. I’ll take it.

Monkey head scratch
Do you know what he’s talking about ?

As I Navigate through the various social media platforms, I Inhabit in my little corner of the internet, I struck by the creativity and joy many people give to one another in the various fandoms. What hurts my heart is the toxic members of these fandoms, in #startrek, for example….“you like discovery your not a real fan”….Bro….I can’t explain how a car engine works but I can explain the function of a “Gravimetric Field Displacement Manfold….so come at me !

When it comes to pop culture, will just be about discussing the joy and wonder of the creative process whether it be games,tv, books, movies cosplay or any number of things. To Quote the modern day sage John Hodgman, we here at are going to ensure that in 2020 people are free to “like what they like.”

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