Destiny 2: It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Admin/ January 7, 2018/ Console Gaming/ 0 comments

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year, with Guardians singing and where sparrows go zinging”…..wait…”queue record scratch”… No. It isn’t. It’s the same old grind man where is the Dawning spirit, where is the fun and frivolity… I mean  there isn’t even enough snow on the ground for robots to make snow angels…what the hell is this fictional world

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L.A. Noire…Gritty Crime and Nice Suits

Cyberhawk117/ January 2, 2018/ Console Gaming/ 0 comments

Rain beat down hard on the window panes of my office…lightning rolled about the clouds off in the distance… I paused a moment to watch, and then returned to pouring myself a couple of fingers of Canadian whiskey… I didn’t have much of a taste for the local rot gut, and my olive supplier had run dry, so a martini

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